What might a future with 5G look like?Move your cursor over elements in the scene to explore.
Autonomous drone package delivery.
Product sensors track the origin and temperature of food throughout the supply chain.
"Buy more eggs!" Smart devices enable contextual commerce: purchasing at the point of use.
Immersive, ultra-high resolution multimedia experiences with live personalized information updates.
Real time, data-rich stock tracking.
Augmented reality tools for repairs.
"Purchasing new HVAC filter." Machine to machine automated purchases.
Augmented mirrors reimagine the shopping experience.
Autonomous agriculture: Self-driving tractors, air and soil sensors.
"7 hi-def camera angles on your phone!" Enhanced live experiences.
Autonomous vehicles with onboard AI processing and vehicle to vehicle communication.
Camera analytics provide traffic pattern recognition
Smart factory with automated guided vehicles, computer vision, robots, head mounted displays
Cashierless shopping
Autonomous food delivery
Personalized, location specific advertising and deals
Air quality monitoring
Enhanced cloud gaming
Touch and gesture sensitive connected jacket
Flood sensors
Edge computing: processing and analyzing data close to its source
Low latency allows for remote surgical procedures
Low-power, small cell access antenna
Wearable payment device jewelry
"Updating your fitness profile: Heart rate, breathing rate and steps taken." Smart fabric health monitoring
"If it isn't instant, it's broken." A new level of consumer expectations.